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Canadian Tire


Canadian Tire is a retail company that sells a wide variety of goods, including auto, housewares, hardware, and sports products. The company has a network of more than 500 stores, which are located across Canada. Its head office is in Toronto, Ontario. As of 2018, Canadian Tire had over 13,500 employees, including part-time and temporary employees. In addition to its retail operations, Canadian Tire also has a financial services subsidiary, Canadian Tire Bank.

While most people associate Canadian Tire with the Canadian Tire money loyalty program, the company also offers a number of coupons and promotions that can help you save money. These are available at a number of locations, and some can even be purchased online. If you want to make the most out of your shopping experience, be sure to check out the latest flyers. This way, you’ll get all the best deals while also taking advantage of their excellent store hours.

Canadian Tire has been in business for over seventy years. Its history is tied to its founder, John William Billes, who invested his savings in Hamilton Tire and Garage, a business that specialized in buying tires at discount from manufacturers during the busy summer season. Later, he opened Performance Engineering Ltd. and entered two cars in the 1985 Indianapolis 500.

Canadian Tire first started collecting money in 1958. Customers who visited gas bars that were affiliated with the company could get a discounted price when they redeemed the funds. By 1961, 31 gas bars across Canada had begun to participate in the program. The first Canadian Tire bar opened in Toronto.

Today, Canadian Tire operates a total of 502 stores in the country, including its Burnaby location. Besides its retail stores, the company also has an in-house learning academy. Aside from auto repairs, Canadian Tire also offers roadside assistance, such as tire change and oil changes. To find out more information about the company, visit their website.

Canadian Tire Corporation Limited is a retail company that specializes in automotive, housewares, and hardware. They have retail stores across the country, and their head office is located in Toronto, Ontario. However, the company also has subsidiaries, such as the Mark’s Work Wearhouse and FGL Corporation, which are primarily focused on automotive service and parts. Moreover, the company owns the trademark CANADIAN TIRE.

Canadian Tire has a store in Marine Way Market in Burnaby, BC. There are also other shops in Vancouver and Ottawa. You can use the company’s website to find the nearest store in your area. Some of the products sold at the stores include auto accessories, outdoor living items, home appliances, sports equipment, and tools.

In 2007, Canadian Tire ran an advent calendar promotion that provided customers with a free CD during the holiday season. Other Christmas promotions included discounts for certain items, like car batteries, flashlights, and Christmas stockings. Throughout the year, the company has a range of weekly flyers. Each consists of great deals, as well as special offers on certain products.


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