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Warner Center Park

Located in the storied city of Woodland Hills, California, Warner Center Park is a good place to take in the outdoors. It is located at 5800 Topanga Canyon Blvd. The park boasts a slew of amenities, ranging from a performing arts center to an outdoor bandstand. During the summer, you can take in a free concert. If you are visiting during the week, you may need to plan ahead. Parking is easy, and the park is open to dogs and kids. There is even a water fountain.

On a more serious note, Warner Center is a thriving business district. As of 2013, approximately 40,000 employees worked in the area. In addition to office spaces, the district contains several commercial and retail complexes. With a little help from the Orange Line, the area was also connected to the MetroLink system.

Warner Center is not a clone of its neighboring communities, such as the West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, or Studio City. While a lot of the business here is related to manufacturing or aerospace, the focus of the district has shifted towards financial services, healthcare, and commercial offices. Some of the high-profile names to call are Kaiser Permanente, which opened its first hospital in 1986. Aetna Life and Casualty is another bigwig in the neighborhood. They acquired a massive parcel of land and have acted as the master developer for the project.

In addition to the mainstays, the district also boasts a small park and a parking structure, the latter of which is located across the street from the former. For those who are unfamiliar with the area, the park is a large rectangular block of greenspace with ample trees and grass. Not only is it a popular picnic spot, but it is also an excellent vantage point for taking in the best of the city.

The park also boasts a few other features. Among its many attractions is the Orange Line, which links Warner Center with the MetroLink system. Likewise, it is a short jaunt from the Metro Route 601 that connects the area with the rest of the Los Angeles metroplex. Also, you’ll find the nearby Los Angeles Fire Department stations 84 and 72. Those looking for more active pursuits might want to take advantage of the park’s exercise stations.

The park is open Monday through Sunday, with the exception of holidays. You can take in a free concert, attend an outdoor film, or go for a hike. When you are done exploring the park, you can head to the Orange Line station for a ride into the city. To save money, you can drive to the nearby parking facilities. You can park for around $15 in the garage and a few dollars more on the street.

The small park is actually quite impressive for its size. It has a small but functional performing arts center, a children’s play area, a bandshell, and some great street parking. However, the park’s most prominent feature is its impressively engineered water fountains, which are a sure-fire way to cool off in the heat of the day.

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