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Canoga Park

Discovering the Diverse Flavors of Topanga Social in Canoga Park

Topanga Social, located in Canoga Park, California, is a vibrant and innovative culinary hub that has quickly become a prime destination for food enthusiasts in the San Fernando Valley. This expansive food court, covering over 55,000 square feet, is situated at the Westfield Topanga Mall, a location that blends convenience with an upscale dining experience.

Designed by the award-winning global design firm AvroKO in collaboration with PGAL, Topanga Social offers an inviting atmosphere for both socializing and dining. The interior is characterized by its upscale and welcoming environment, thoughtfully crafted to enhance the dining experience of each visitor.

The food hall features a diverse array of 27 food and beverage concepts, ensuring that there is something to cater to every palate. From the Michelin-starred chef Curtis Stone’s The Pie Room, offering exquisite pies and pastries, to the New York-inspired Fat Sal’s with its over-the-top sandwiches, burgers, and shakes, the variety is impressive. Other notable eateries include Dumpling Monster, known for its hormone-free meat dumplings, and Amboy Quality Burgers by Chef Alvin Cailan, which has garnered a loyal customer following. Burrata House offers a taste of Italy with its authentic, portable Italian dishes, while Hey Hey showcases the elegance of Asian Teahouse culture.

Topanga Social in Canoga Park

The unique approach of Topanga Social extends to its ordering and service methods. The food court utilizes tech innovations like seamless aggregate ordering via the Topanga Social app, large touch screen ordering stations, and QR codes at tables. This system allows diners to order from multiple brands simultaneously, enhancing the convenience of the dining experience. Moreover, mobile ordering for pick-up and delivery is optimized through advanced geo-locating technology, ensuring food freshness and reducing waiting times.

Topanga Social is not just about food; it’s a comprehensive experience. It includes a “speakeasy” style arcade, creating a multifaceted entertainment venue. The space is designed to be engaging all year round, suitable for quick bites or leisurely meals, and ideal for various gatherings. The food court’s design and layout pay homage to the local food scene of Los Angeles, with each partner contributing their unique culinary perspective and credentials.

Located at 6600 Topanga Canyon Boulevard, Canoga Park, Topanga Social operates seven days a week, with extended weekend hours. This culinary haven offers an array of options for every mood and taste, making it a must-visit destination for residents and visitors alike in the San Fernando Valley.

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