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Poirier Sport and Leisure Complex

The Poirier Sport and Leisure Complex is a 190,000 square foot multi-purpose all season recreation complex located in Coquitlam (near burnaby, bc), British Columbia. This complex is equipped with a 6 sheet curling rink, a family friendly swimming pool, a state of the art fitness center, a cafeteria, and plenty of free parking. The facility also boasts a hockey rink, a golf course and a figure skating arena. One of the most exciting aspects of the complex is the fact that it is currently undergoing some maintenance upgrades.


While the Poirier Sport and Leisure Complex may not have the highest of the scores in the sporting arena, the facility has some of the best facilities in the tricity. For example, the complex boasts a six sheet curling rink, a figure skating rink, a golf course, and a family friendly swimming pool. On top of that, the facility features one of the most impressive fitness centers in the area. In addition to the usual fare, the facility also boasts a number of perks such as free Wi-Fi, a kids club, a cafeteria, and a number of different fitness classes. With so much to offer, it is no wonder that this is considered to be one of the most popular attractions in the area.


Aside from the fitness centre, the complex boasts the largest aquatics facility in the tricity, including a six sheet swimming rink, a kids’ pool, a cafeteria, a spa, and a number of other water-based amenities. However, because of these amenities, the swimming pool may be out of service for a week or two. Other notable features of the complex include a number of other recreational facilities, such as a track and field area, lacrosse rings, and a large, fully equipped fitness center. Besides the pool, the complex is also home to a number of ice hockey and lacrosse teams, as well as a few figure skaters.


As for the oxo, the Coquitlam Recreation Centre does a fine job of providing a great amateur hockey experience. Moreover, the facility has a variety of other facilities, such as a licensed cafe, fitness programs, and aquatics, and offers the most comprehensive list of lacrosse programs in the region. If you are looking for something to do on a rainy day or you simply haven’t found the right fit for you in a public or private facility, the Poirier Sport and Leisure Complex should be on your list of must-visit spots. Having said that, you can easily plan a route to the facility using a transportation app such as Moovit.

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